“We have engaged Owen numerous times to film documentaries, workshops, guest speakers, interviews and conferences. He also has built our Website from scratch incorporating an on line shop and membership facility. We utilise Owen because he is easy to work alongside throughout the planning, filming and editing process and he has a unique ability to engage people in a way that makes them feel at ease and comfortable. The product that Owen delivers is excellent and we have no hesitation in recommending his work.”​

Deb Rouget


Belonging Matters



“Owen is an outstanding collaborator. He is creative, efficient and provides a professional and reasonably priced service every time. Highly recommended!”

Tania de Jong AM


Creative Universe, Creative Innovaton Global, Creativity Australia, Pot-Pourri, Music Theatre Australia, The Song Room

“Owen worked for me for four years at the Carlton Football Club and proved to an essential member of our football department. You cannot question his commitment and passion for his work and as such I had no hesitation hiring him several years later to film a short video of myself playing with my grand daughter, thus exemplifying the trust I have in his professionalism.”

David Parkin

Retired AFL Coach

Australian Sport Hall of Fame

Australian Football Hall of Fame



“The way in which you covered my story was such that I did not feel exposed or vulnerable. When I watched the story that night I totally broke down and cried. Until you see something from the outside you never get to see the real story and how something has impacted your life.”

Private Client with medical condition.